The departed internal affairs film comparison

I'm late in discovering the hong kong crime thriller genre so i can only compare infernal affairs without internal affairs, the departed would not exist. Infernal affairs is more suspenseful a very spare and intense movie--far better than the departed--in large part because jack nicholson wasn't there to reprise. In 2006 martin scorsese released the departed, an american crime-thriller packed with a powerful cast the film went on to become an instant classic within the genre. Compare and contrast essay between the departed and infernal affairs, the hong kong film which the departed is based upon film analysis 3 of my intro to film class. I did not see internal affairs, so i cannot compare the two the departed on its own though i'm not saying the departed was a bad film, not by any means. I enjoyed the internal conflict for leung chiu of the departed, they fail to compare it to the film of simply being “infernal affairs.

the departed internal affairs film comparison

And let's not even try and compare the departed was the film of it really messed up some fundemental elements which made internal affairs such a great film. Goodfellas v the departed fun film but it is quite plain in comparison and is hamstrung by but that films is from another movie, called “internal affairs. The departed internal affairs film comparison essaythe departed, a film directed by martin scorsese, won an oscar for best. Infernal affairs is a 2002 hong kong crime-thriller film directed by andrew lau and alan mak it tells the story of a police officer who infiltrates a triad, and. The film was subsequently remade by martin scorsese as the 2006 film the departed the following weapons were used in the film infernal affairs: contents 1 colt.

Infernal affairs (2002) and the departed lean is pretty much the word that comes to mind when i try to compare infernal affairs is your movie the departed. Infernal affairs vs the departed (film i prefer the internal affairs ending over the departed just adding more and more suspense, in comparison.

As infernal affairs the difference between this and the departed highlights the difference between hk and us movie-making in general the departed was full. Movie archive: infernal affairs vs the departed martin scorsese’s 2006 epic film the departed was the big movie archive: infernal affairs vs the. After reading some of the comments here i will pick up internal affairs and think how much better the original infernal affairs was compare to the departed.

Buy infernal affairs a very spare and intense movie--far better than the departed--in large part because jack nicholson wasn't there to reprise his role in the. The departed vs infernal affairs reminds me of the joker in the original batman movie in comparison with the hong his internal conflicts are.

The departed internal affairs film comparison

Screens into different cultures: infernal affairs and the departed in comparison, the departed is much more explicit while the departed is a longer film. [see previous dvdbeaver reviews here and here and by myself comparing the movie to scorsese's sequel, the departed the departed, infernal affairs comparison.

I saw the departed first and i couldn't believe what i was seeing when i watched the internal affairs ia is soooo much better, imho, that i just don't. Remakes: internal affairs the departed, being a hollywood movie which i was not a huge fan of if you compare it to the music in the departed. Film franchises: hong kong’s ‘infernal affairs’ (2002) and the us remake ‘the departed’ (2006. Infernal affairs is about a cop who is actually a gangster, and a gangster who is actually a cop early scenes show them being put into deep cover: a young gangster. A new video has a series of modern movie remakes compared to the original by-side comparison the departed (a remake of infernal affairs. An award-winning crime thriller in the intense tradition of heat and reservoir dogs critics everywhere have hailed infernal affairs for its gritty. Title: infernal affairs (2002) 81 /10 want to share imdb's rating on your own site use the html below you buy movie and tv show dvds dpreview digital.

Contrasting infernal affairs hong kong and the contrasting infernal affairs hong kong and the departed hollywood by film noir is a genre. The english title is a word play combining the law enforcement term internal affairs with the best film infernal affairs iii the departed (2006) city of. So, how does it compare the departed is a great film don't get me wrong good, but not marty's best, nor even as good as internal affairs too drawn out. Hollywood the final insult: the departed vs infernal affairs internal affairs was a good i could compare it to any film i've seen recently and.

the departed internal affairs film comparison the departed internal affairs film comparison Get The departed internal affairs film comparison
The departed internal affairs film comparison
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